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Intelligence & Monitoring

The Indian geopolitical environment is both complex and diversified. Given the impact of ever-evolving policies and regulations on business bottom line, it is crucial to monitor and analyse the key political drivers, policy issues and legislation that affects your business.

  • Research about the people who are the decision-makers, political trends and the process through which policies are formulated

  • In-depth reports and analyses on sectoral, economic and policy issues

  • Real-time alerts on political and regulatory challenges as they emerge

  • Information on key economic, political and legislative drivers

  • Provide knowledge and intelligence that will reduce your risk and increase confidence in your operating environment

Public Affairs Strategy

Our clients range from business conglomerates to associations, and non-profit institutions with interests in core sectors ranging from Infrastructure, Power, Telecom, MSMEs, Railways, IoT and more. The age-old method of arranging political meetings has been replaced by real time monitoring and communication with stakeholders in order to formulate a flexible strategy. We at Mavcomm Advisory help our clients navigate the socio-political labyrinth with proven and result oriented Public affairs strategy.

  • Strategic counsel through domain expertise to help clients in crucial business decision making, permissions & investments

  • Design outreach programs to engage and influence key stakeholders through advocacy, media relations and events

  • Use razor sharp research and analyses to align business objectives with the ever-changing socio-political landscape

  • Building and strengthening relationships with relevant stakeholders- policy makers, investors, think tanks, policy influencers, media

  • Critical advice & support on legislative and regulatory matters

  • Optimise media relations for optimal outreach


Speaker Opportunity

We pride ourselves in our contacts with associations and forums, to help you engage through different platforms of stakeholder interaction and achieve advocacy goals.

  • Plan and organise stakeholder events and expert roundtables to attract high-level industry leaders, politicians, journalists

  • Draw up a calendar of possible speaking opportunities that suits your business and advocacy objectives. 

  • Position you as a thought-leader and enabling a dialogue with key stakeholders

  • Create, and refine the message to perfect your presentation and deepen your stakeholder engagement. 

Public Affairs Strategy
Speaker Opportunity

Relationship Building

Robust and trusted relationship with the policymakers is the cornerstone to an effective and successful public affairs strategy. As a part of our public affairs and government relations program, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your message reaches and is heard by the right people at the right time.

  • Identify key stakeholders and providing pre-emptive advice on engaging with the relevant stakeholders and policymakers

  • Crucial advice on prioritising stakeholders, when and how to approach them

  • Meticulously prepare clients for meetings and help in achieving specific objectives

  • Fully support in the ground work for the meetings and assist in preparation of backgrounds, speaking points & material


Media Strategy

At Mavcomm Advisory, we adeptly integrate advocacy with strategic Public Relations, to create a positive swing in opinions of key stakeholders that supports your vision and goals and for building long-term, trusted relationships.

  • Build a media and communications strategy that draws out a judicious roadmap for creating support for your message among decision-makers and influencers

  • Conduct extensive outreach through Public relations, digital and social media, media events, and influencer marketing

  • Mobilise influencers and partners to amplify the reach of your message

  • Identify the right media houses and journalists and organise press conferences, media events

Relationship building
Media Strategy
Crisis management

Crisis Management

Our team with in-depth sector and domain expertise helps businesses understand and outline a crisis management plan through integrated government relations, public affairs and communications campaigns. We follow an early warning mechanism of tracking the legislative process and regulatory changes at the state and national level which might affect your business operations and mitigate any potential risk that threatens to damage organisation's reputation.

  • Constantly monitor the decision-making process both in government and parliament

  • Our team of lawyers and legislative specialists, analyse specific proceedings of parliament, regulatory decisions and identify the risks your business operations might face

  • Identify the decision-makers you ought to reach

  • Guide and draft compelling and effective presentation of your message and ensure its successful dissemination

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