The Indian Railways is among the world's largest rail networks & is growing at a robust rate.  The government has increased the scope of PPP and has focused on investing on railway infrastructure by making investor-friendly policies.Our experts help our clients understand and navigate the political and help them build a case with the policy formulators. 

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector is among the eight core industries in India & is growing at a robust rate. With policies such as OALP & CBM the government is encouraging players to undertake investments to meet the growing demand. Our team of experts understand the complexity of the sector and advise clients on the implications of key policy developments. We actively engage with policymakers in creating a supportive regulatory environment.

Oil & Gas


Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and India is the third largest domestic civil aviation market in the world. Allocation to the Ministry has been tripled to Rs 6,602.86 crore under Union Budget 2018-19. We help the industry stakeholders to engage & collaborate with policy makers to implement decisions that would boost India’s civil aviation industry. 


Indian power sector is undergoing a significant change. Economic growth is driving the electricity need in the country and the Government of India has identified power sector as a key sector of focus to promote sustained industrial growth. Our advisors offer specialist support to our clients helping them to engage in the complex political landscape make progressive strides.



Solar, wind and other renewable energy sources hold the key to India’s energy problems. Rising prices of imported coal and gas, environmental roadblocks to hydro-power projects and a shortage of coal and gas at home provide an exciting opportunity for renewable energy companies. We advise our clients on how to power their growth and the nation’s growth.



In the past decade, Sports as an Industry in India has undergone immense change. The rise in popularity of sports & hosting of large format sporting events in India has tranformed sports into an active platform for marketing offering ample business opportunities for corporates. Understanding the impact of Sports on the economy & industry, we will help you get a level playing field so that your viewpoint reaches the people who matter.



The Indian retail industry is growing at a fast-pace and is expected to increase by 60 per cent to reach US$ 1.1 trillion by 2020. India is expected to become the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market. You can pick a solution that fits your requirements from our supermarket of ideas, and we will assist you in hard-selling it to the policymakers so that the final rules benefit all market participants.


Media & Entertainment

The Indian Media and Entertainment industry is on a growth path & is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.10 per cent to reach Rs 2,660.20 billion by FY23. Various government initiatives such as digitising the cable distribution sector & increasing FDI limit to 100 per cent in cable and DTH satellite platforms have supported the growth of the industry. Our role will be to assist you in having a dialogue with the policymakers so that your business plans live happily ever after.



The opportunities in food processing, storage and transportation are waiting to be exploited. For exploiting this opportunity, the entrepreneurs would need to overcome supply-side impediments and create farm gate to fork delivery.  Let us help you sow the right seeds so that all stakeholders can reap the benefits.



We monitor the political climate and its changing dynamics to provide our clients with optimal communications support to secure the best outcomes. Our experienced consultants can help to advise the legislative change in this highly crucial sector.


Water Management

Providing drinking water remains a challenge not only in rural areas but even the metros. Water distribution, recycling and reuse, along with sewage management and treatment are providing new impetus to public-private partnerships. We will assist in the unhindered flow of your business plans.



Infrastructure is a key growth driver for the Indian economy. Not only does the country need new warehouses, roads, ports and airports but even the old infrastructure must be upgraded. Many government schemes encourage PPP projects, but there are impediments. It will be our undertaking to smoothen the bumps on the policy routes by letting you share your ideas with the lawmakers.



A partnership with us will provide you access to the right people so that the final policy takes care of your business interests. Also, MSMEs often fail to defend their intellectual property (IP) rights because of lack of awareness. We will tell you how to use IP tools and technology to safeguard your interests and retain a competitive edge.



With a subscriber base of 1.17 billion, India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market. The National Digital COmmunication Policy of the government aims to attract US $100 billion worth of investments. Will thorough sector knowledge our team helps our clients navigate the complex regulatory environment. We will facilitate the sharing of your concerns with the government and regulators.



Indian financial sector is witnessing a rapid expansion on the back of rising incomes and several reforms by the government to liberalise & regulate this industry. We offer political advice to legal and financial companies. We contribute in the formulation of the right policy mix by providing a medium for the affected parties to share their problems and views with the policy formulators.



India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors backed by increasing expenditure by public as well private players. Healthcare market is expected to reach US $ 372 billion by 2022. We support our client in the healthcare domain with strategy, development, and execution of issue-based public policy campaigns.



With increased connectivity, 5G, and improvements in AI and machine learning, IoT has extended its roots in people’s lives and industries. According to industry research, there will be 35 billion IoT devices installed globally by 2021 and 75.44 billion by 2025. IoT has the potential to enable data sharing within the system better. Its ability to let machines and equipment to communicate will impact industries.